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Is Your Organization Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?

Zombies are very popular these days, and they seem to keep popping up everywhere. From video games and novels to television shows and the big screen, zombies continue to eat their way right into pop culture. But the real zombie apocalypse won’t be just showing up on the theater screen. No, these real life “zombies” will be coming to a workplace near you soon. And unlike Hollywood’s reanimated dead, you’re going to actually want to reach out and extend your hand to these zombies.
The iGeneration, Generation Z or Generation Zombie, as some are now fond of calling this particular group of people (because of their constant blank stare at the mobile device that very rarely leaves their hand), were born from the late ‘90s through today. They represent the freshest crop of new hires who will soon be finishing up school and preparing to enter the workforce.
This generation was called the “digital natives” by author Marc Prensky in his book “Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants.” He so named them such because they are the first generation that has been virtually “plugged in” from birth. They have embraced digital technology as it is all they have ever known, and in many cases they feel they can’t live without it. In fact, a study from 2013 conducted by the global market research firm Ipsos and Wikia, Generation Z: A Look at the Technology and Media Habits of Today’s Teens, states that 73 percent of these Gen Zombies are on their devices within an hour of waking up each morning. The same study showed that 43 percent spend 10 or more hours per day plugged in.
On screen, actors are always trying to run away and hide from the zombies. But we already know this group of zombies is making its way toward the workforce, so we’d better start planning for their arrival now. Instead of hiding, we need to run toward and embrace them if we want to survive.
Since this generation is so obviously tied to their technology, it would stand to reason that employers have to find new ways to engage them, using the same technology that they crave to lure them into the workforce. As an employer, you’ll need to find better ways to attract them and you’ll need to find ways to enhance their work life through technology if you want to retain them. This begins with a strong online company presence. For example, they will need access to job applications and company data at the touch of a finger.
However, a robust website alone isn’t enough. You will need a presence on LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook. You should also look into Vine, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, just to name a few. And make certain that your website is optimized for mobile devices. This hoard of walking-dead are using tablets and phones much more than their computers.
While most zombie adventures have cannibalistic creatures moving painstakingly slow throughout the story, that is the furthest thing from the truth when discussing our zombies. They’re anything but slow. This tech-savvy bunch of GenZ-ers is busy with everything from texting and tweeting to virtual meetings and uploading data in nanoseconds. No, this group is not one to sit around and wait for information. They simply go online and find what they’re looking for instantly. Whether it’s finding information about your company while they are researching their first job, or gathering data for you once they’re part of your workforce, this crew is most definitely going to be doing all of their work online.
Remember, too, that these zombies are smarter than their big screen counterparts. You will need to be creative to attract and catch them. You will have to offer a collaborative workplace where they can share ideas. You will have to alter your IT policies to allow for more online access at work. You will want to think about a flexible work environment or opportunities to work from home. And for all of this you will need to readily provide the latest tools and technology.
Your organization’s image, culture, communications and online presence all need to be evaluated now if you want to capture these zombies when they come knocking. And they are coming. Are you ready for them?