• Executive Compensation and Benefit Services
    We can help create and build executive compensation plans, market competitive salary recommendations, and perform salary surveys.

  • Candidate Assessment Profiles
    We can provide a behavioral-style assessment to a potential hire. This assessment will give you an overview of the candidate’s communication style, approach to tasks, coping ability with the pace of the work environment, and how compliant they are to rules and regulations.

  • Employment References and Background Investigation
    When your candidate selection has been narrowed, TouchPoint Recruiting Group will perform in-depth employment reference verifications, interviewing candidate references to ensure your potential new employee is the right fit for your company. We can also offer background checks on candidates, as appropriate.

  • Market Research
    TouchPoint Recruiting Group can provide market data to assist you in understanding how other businesses in your industry are structured and staffed, as well as provide compensation rates for different staffing levels. This information can help make you more competitive when recruiting new talent.

  • Client-Specific Database Creation and Support
    Successful companies are in constant contact with potential employees. TouchPoint Recruiting Group can work with you to develop an extensive database of qualified workers, and structure efforts towards building relationships with your most important asset – your next hire.

TouchPoint Recruiting Group